Limb Lengthening

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Limb Lengthening Surgery


Elevating Life at Aktif International Hospital

In an era where medical advancements strive to not only prolong our lives but enhance their quality, the realm of orthopedics offers a unique surgical solution that promises to reach new heights—literally. Height lengthening surgery, a rapidly growing domain of modern medicine, opens up the door to previously unimaginable possibilities. At the forefront of this transformational treatment is the esteemed Aktif International Hospital, providing world-class, patient-centered care.

The Mechanics of Growing Tall: An Insight into Limb Lengthening Surgery

Height lengthening surgery, or limb lengthening, is a technique that leverages the body’s incredible regenerative abilities. It works by gently creating a gap in the bone and allowing the body’s natural processes to fill in new bone, thereby increasing the bone’s length and consequently, one’s height. By capitalizing on the body’s natural healing abilities, height lengthening surgery presents an innovative solution to enhance personal appearance and boost self-confidence.

Technique Device Procedure Lengthening Rate
Traditional Ilizarov External fixator Circular rings attached to the bone through wires and pins 1mm per day
LON (Lengthening and then nailing) External fixator initially, followed by internal nail External device used during lengthening phase, replaced with internal nail during consolidation phase 1mm per day
LATN (Lengthening over a nail) External fixator with pre-inserted internal nail Internal nail inserted first, then external device used for lengthening 1mm per day
ISKD (Intramedullary Skeletal Kinetic Distractor) Fully internal device Device implanted into the marrow cavity of the bone, rotation of the limb causes lengthening 1mm per day
PRECICE Fully internal device Device implanted into the marrow cavity of the bone, remote controller regulates lengthening 0.33-1mm per day


Journey through the Procedure at Aktif International Hospital

At Aktif International Hospital, the entire height lengthening procedure is carried out with meticulous precision and expert oversight. The surgical process begins under general anesthesia, where a highly skilled orthopedic surgeon performs a controlled fracture of the long bone—usually the femur or tibia.

During the procedure, a specialized lengthening device is implanted, chosen based on the patient’s specific needs and the surgeon’s recommendation. This device will gradually and systematically stretch the bone, promoting new bone formation in the created gap. This is a precise, regulated process, with the bone typically lengthened by 1 mm per day.

Post-Surgery: The Road to Recovery

Healing and growth happen simultaneously in the body’s brilliant orchestra of recovery, a journey that requires immense patience and strength from the patient. At Aktif International Hospital, the dedicated team of physiotherapists and clinicians works relentlessly to ensure each patient’s rehabilitation is efficient and smooth, guiding them towards their goal height.

Physical therapy plays a critical role in the recovery process. As the bone lengthens, it is imperative to maintain joint mobility and muscle flexibility. Rigorous and regular physical therapy can facilitate smoother recovery, helping patients regain strength and progressively resume daily activities.

Eligibility and Risks

The decision to undergo height lengthening surgery is a significant one, influenced by various personal and medical factors. Typically, the procedure is offered to individuals with conditions leading to short stature or limb length discrepancies. However, it has also been considered by individuals seeking an increase in height for personal or professional reasons.

Like all surgical procedures, height lengthening surgery carries certain risks and potential complications. These include infection, nerve damage, joint stiffness, and issues related to bone healing. At Aktif International Hospital, our team is dedicated to minimizing these risks and managing any complications promptly and effectively.

Transforming Lives at Aktif International Hospital

At Aktif International Hospital, we believe in changing lives beyond just the physical parameters. Height lengthening surgery, while predominantly a cosmetic procedure, has a profound impact on an individual’s self-esteem and social interactions, transforming lives in ways that transcend the physical realm.

Our team is committed to supporting our patients throughout this transformative journey, providing compassionate and comprehensive care. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise in height lengthening surgery, we are proud to help individuals stand taller, both literally and metaphorically.

Frequently Asked Questions 


How much height can I gain through this surgery at Aktif International Hospital?

Typically, patients can expect to gain between 2-3 inches per limb segment. However, individual factors such as age, health condition, and the body’s response to the surgery can influence the outcome.

What is the duration of the recovery process?

Recovery time varies but usually takes 4-6 months for the new bone to fully consolidate and harden. The complete recovery, including physical therapy, may take up to a year.

Is the procedure painful?

During the surgery, patients are under general anesthesia and do not feel pain. Post-operatively, any discomfort can be managed effectively with medication and generally subsides after a few days.

How much does height lengthening surgery cost at Aktif International Hospital?

The cost of height lengthening surgery varies depending on the technique used and the patient’s specific requirements. You should contact Aktif International Hospital directly for a detailed quote.

Can height lengthening surgery affect my athletic abilities?

This surgery may affect your athletic performance initially as it can take time to regain strength and flexibility. However, with diligent physical therapy, most patients can return to their pre-surgery athletic activities.

What is the success rate of height lengthening surgery at Aktif International Hospital?

The success rate of height lengthening surgery at Aktif International Hospital is high, with most patients achieving their desired height gain. However, individual results can vary.

How long do I need to stay at the hospital after the surgery?

The duration of the hospital stay post-surgery depends on the individual patient and the specific surgical technique used. Generally, patients can expect to stay for a few days to a week.

Are there any long-term side effects of this surgery?

Possible long-term side effects can include joint stiffness or changes in gait. However, these are minimized through effective post-operative care and rehabilitation.

How often will I need to follow up after the procedure?

Follow-ups are typically scheduled frequently in the initial postoperative period and then gradually reduced as the new bone consolidates. Aktif International Hospital will provide a personalized follow-up plan for each patient.

What kind of support will I receive from Aktif International Hospital during the recovery phase?

At Aktif International Hospital, a dedicated team of professionals will support your recovery. This includes regular check-ups, physical therapy sessions, and 24/7 availability to address any concerns or complications.


Author: Şuap Kibar