Aktif Estetik Başakşehir

About the Hospital

Aktif Aesthetics, which started its activities in 2010 under the umbrella of Aktif International Hospitals, has been continuing its activities in Istanbul Başakşehir since 2017. Unlike many clinics operating in the field of aesthetics, Aktif Aesthetics serves its patients with the health and technological infrastructure of 5 hospitals behind it. Aesthetics is health and health is possible with hospitals and specialist doctors.

Aktif Aesthetics has been providing reliable and scientific treatment and care services to its patients with modern standards since its establishment. In 2013, it completed its investment and became a general hospital. Our clinic has the characteristic of being a rapidly growing medical centre in the region, especially in the fields of aesthetics and oral and dental health, with all the technological infrastructure required by modern medicine, a modern approach to treatment, trust, a smiling face and a professional team that has taken patient satisfaction as a basic principle.

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