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Aktif International offers modern and scientific treatment methods to its patients by international standards by aiming for the best service with its patient-centered approach in the field of health. Aktif International has become one of the prominent health institutions in the Marmara Region by incorporating five different hospitals over time with its approach based on trust, smiling face, and patient satisfaction.

Aktif International offers reliable and high-quality health services to its patients with its staff of approximately 2000 people in all hospitals and clinics, with all the technological infrastructure and modern treatment approach required by modern medicine, each with physicians specialized in their field.

Aktif International, which has become an important player on a global scale with its vision of health tourism and continues its investments, is proud to represent Turkey on international platforms.

5 Hospital
500+ Doctor
1500+ Staff
85.000+ Number of patients
Patients Experiences
Thank you for everything. I had rhinoplasty in your hospital and I am very pleased with my new nose. The interest and attention of your staff was excellent. My pain is gradually decreasing and I will contact my doctor at the controls. Thank you Md. Umran thank you Aktif International Hospitals
So happy. I came for gastric sleeve and I am very happy with the results, I had a comfortable process. The hospital is extremely clean and the apartments are very well furnished. I thank the technical team and my doctor
Thanks for all. Because my skin was thick, many other doctors said that they could not do the nose aesthetics I wanted. I trusted my doctor here and we had a successful surgery. Thank yu to everyone for their interest and attention
Eric S
I had an easy surgery process, my pain started to decrease gradually and... I am very happy with my new body. i would likeeto thank my doctor and the team that deals with me like a friend
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